*****  - The Open Door, August 2016

This performance was the bravest I have seen during the fringe .... brutally honest, lyrical and thoroughly entertaining ... every new character was as fresh, funny and heart-breakingly honest as the last one .... lyrics that could rival Morrissey or Ian Curtis, the song took us through Gus’ explosive mental breakdown, so powerful in its lack of melodramatics. 

Highly Recommended Show - FringeReview May 2016
He held our attention throughout. The characterisations were all very different. This play deserves to be seen by more people and congratulations to Augustus Stephens for his performance and courage.'


“I... can't... breathe... I... can't... breathe...” 

In six dark, heart-warming comedies Augustus plays six different characters with six different mental illnesses who get on with life in a world that does not understand them.

Larry is a private eye with a mystery to solve
Stanley is having a go at stand-up and
Gus is in a life and death struggle with a kebab 

Augustus says 'I have spoken to lots of people with mental difficulties to create these characters. But although they struggle to do the ordinary things most people find easy, they carry on bravely and sometimes thrive in their own ways.' 
Maybe this show will give you a new perspective on life and hopefully leave you with a warm glow and a smile.

To give a voice to a group of people that is rarely heard from
To educate those who don't know the reality of mental illness
To encourage those who do have mental illness

9th Oct 2016 - 20 minutes of the show plus a Q&A as part of Care & Share festival - The Bond in Digbeth, Birmingham - see here

Performer: Augustus Stephens
Interviewees: People with stories to tell
Director: Lucy Poulson (website)
Producer: Augustus Stephens

Rugby Borough Council Arts Grants
Crowdfund Backers
Augustus Stephens

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