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Augustus Stephens is taking on his biggest challenge yet by playing six different parts in his new show 'Altered Minds, Altered Realities'. From Larry, a private eye with a mystery to solve, to Gus, who is in a life and death struggle with a kebab, he gives us six characters who have a different experience of the world, they live in altered realities. 
Augustus says 'I have spoken to lots of people to create these characters, all of whom live in a world askew from our own. You might see these people around town and never know how they struggle to do the ordinary things most people find easy, and how they carry on bravely and sometimes thrive despite it all. But they are fascinating to talk to and I hope I have done them justice with what I have written.' 
'I have had my own problems,' he says, 'and I know what it's like to be scared, overwhelmed and frustrated with myself. I wanted to give a voice to these people who are normally unnoticed and don't have the opportunities to tell their stories like I have had.'. He is also curious to know which of the six characters people like the most, 'They each have their peculiarities but also their own charms.'. 
Augustus was a computer programmer for many years, but his mind went somewhere odd and so he gave that up to do something to make himself and other people happy. He writes and performs plays and comedy about those with extraordinary lives, including his own, dusting it with a hint of magic  to make it entertaining and hopefully funny. He has taken his two previous one-person-shows to the Edinburgh Fringe as well as Oxford, Brighton and London, and has even performed one of his songs on BBC1.
This touching, funny and heart-warming show will give you a new perspective on life and hopefully leave you with a warm glow and a smile. For details of when it is on see the website at 

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