One of the aims of Augustus's work is to spread information about mental illness and reduce stigma.
He is available to talk, perform or write about mental illness in almost any setting.
He has had 9 years of mental illness and many years of talking to others too.
He has personal experience of: anxiety; panic attacks; depression; hearing voices; psychosis; delusions of association; schizophrenia; schizoaffective disorder and hypomania. He has taken three different kinds of anti-psychotic medication and various anti-depresants.
He has two full length shows (55 minutes each) that portray mental illness.
Altered Minds, Altered Realities

Six different characters each with a different mental illness.
Chris - Schizophrenia - he hears voices and wouldn't be without them
Aled - Anxiety - he has had panic attacks and different medications
Stanley - Borderline Personality Disorder - Is putting on a mask of being tough, but is cracking up inside
Gus - Schizoaffective Disorder - Is struggling with wild moods and possibly benevolent psychosis
Larry - Bipolar Disorder - is somewhat manic and is trying to solve a mystery
This Way Madness Lies

Augustus's own decline into mental illness, psychosis and mental hospital.
People with experience of mental illness - directly or indirectly - who have seen it are very warm and positive about the show.

The whole show is 50 minutes and includes material that may be inappropriate in some settings (nudity, bad language, self-harm specifics) but excerpts from the show are possible dealing with individual themes  
  Being in love and then losing it
  Being in a mental hospital
  The freedom and empowerment of nudity
  Medication and resistance to it

If you have any ideas or questions contact Augustus using the Contact page