From the recording Caterwauling

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A funny song about depression


I can't get out of bed, till I know what I will wear
Why is making decisions so difficult, I'm almost tearing out my hair

If I get out of bed what pants shall I put on?
The grey ones I wore all day yesterday to wear them again would be wrong

I can't get out of bed.
There's cottonwool in my head
My energy has fled
I'm staying in bed
I can't get out of bed
My body feels like lead
I wish that I were dead
And I cannot get out of bed

I think a wild horse would have a real fight
If he tried to drag me out of this bed today because I am tucked in so tight

I don't know why I care what time it is I rise
Being healthy and wealthy is not much cop and I don't even want to be wise


Last night I got in bed when it was nearly eight
But outside it was already dark by then, these evenings in winter are great

And when at last I'm dead I think that I'll be glad
I'll be in a bed for the rest of time and so I'll no longer be sad

I can't get out of bed. I can't get out of bed Uhh