1. Sinking Santa

From the recording Caterwauling

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A warning from The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?


They say in the North, where the world is all cold
And snow perpetually falls
There's a magical man making wonderful toys
He gives to the boys and the girls

O-o-o-oh! What will he do? Where will he go?
How will his poor elves survive
How will Santa give the children their gifts
When the North Pole is no longer ice?

They say in the North that the ozone has gone
And X-rays are reaching the ground
And so his red nose doesn't burn to a crisp
Santa's suncream is on all year round

Now reindeer can swim, but not for too long
And a sleigh's not constructed to float
Saint Nick in his furs with a sack full of toys
Will go down like that Titanic boat


The permafrost melts, and the glaciers shrink
Poor Santa is learning to swim
He's getting quite fit with a six-pack to boot
But who wants a Santa who's slim

The world's warming up, that's a matter of fact
So don't bury your head underground
The time it has come when we really must act
Or Santa Claus surely will drown