From the recording Caterwauling

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An ancient Swiss folk song Augustus wrote in 1987


Hans sits alone in his little Swiss cottage his face looks decidedly glum
He sighs as he thinks of his lovely wife Helga as the cuckoo clock strikes one... Cuckoo
He goes to the window and opens it wide you can hear him throu-ough the trees
Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee. Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee

Hans makes clocks in the ancient Swiss fashion, each one chimes loudly cuckoo
He sits at his bench, he's making a new one when the cuckoo clock strikes two. Cuckoo, cuckoo
His mind is distracted, he's done something wrong, it sings out at a quarter to three
Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee. Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee

Hans likes to ski, though he's not very good, he goes darting through the trees
But on this one day he's heading for disaster as the cuckoo clock strikes three. Cuckoo, cuckoo etc
There's a pine tree in front, you can hear Hans cry out as it goes between his knees
Yodeloo yodel-odel- [shriek] ee. Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee

Poor Hans is broken, he weeps and he moans, when there's a knock upon the door [knock, knock]
In steps a woman, his lovely wife Helga, as the cuckoo clock strikes … twelve. Cuckoo, cuckoo etc.
But somehow she's different, she has a lawyer in tow, now Hans is a divorcee
Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee. Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee
Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee. Yodeloo yodel-odel-ee