This Way Madness Lies

Created and performed by Augustus Stephens - as seen on BBC1's 'The Naked Rambler'.

A true story of going mad and coming back again.

What is it like to lose a lover and hate your work? What is it like to run away to the seaside? What is it like to throw away your clothes and frolic naked on an Essex beach? These are the important questions answered in this show.

What is it like to want to hurt yourself? What is it like to be afraid of yourself? What is it like to go into a mental hospital? These are more questions answered in this show.

Follow Augustus as he descends into despair and madness, singing his comic ditties as he goes.
Can he survive his frightening delusions? Can he ever be happy again? And can he find a clean pair of pants?

Warning: contains strong language, adult themes, nudity and a smidgen of audience participation


18 months ago Augustus was a computer programmer, but some people are not suited to the modern way of work, so he gave that up to do something to make himself and other people happy. He created this play of his true and extraordinary descent into despair and madness, but he keeps it jolly with his wry humour, comic ditties and audience participation.

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