Audience Reaction
The reactions of the audiences were at times beyond my wildest expectations. I have been appearing on stage for 26 years, but I have never seen anything like it. They were tremendous!
Young English gentleman:
I really liked it
American gentleman: What have you brought me to brother?
One night the audience were literally crying with laughter
One night I had to stop and wait for them to calm down before I could continue.
American woman: You have scarred me for life
    (This may seem a negative comment, but surely this is the dream of any artist, to change the viewer. I hope this young woman is now just a little bit more resilient and a little bit more tolerant than she was before.)

News Story in The Herald - 20th August 2015
Herald Diary by Ken Smith

SO what's happening over at the Edinburgh Fringe? Augustus Stephens tells us that at his show Augustus and the Holy Grail he ends with a song which encourages the audience to strip off, as he sings about everyone being beautiful, irrespective of their body shape. He adds: "No one does until the other day when a young woman called Jaime, stripped totally naked to the surprise and delight of the audience." ...
But being Edinburgh, we don't think many folk will copy her.

News Story in The Scottish Sun - 19th August 2015
Ben Archibald

Comic's Strip Fan

A spectator stripped naked and ran on stage during a Fringe show by a nudist comic.
The woman, in her 20s, bared all after Augustus Stephens invited fans to undress at Edinburgh's Three Sisters pub.
Augustus, 52, said: "It was a joke – I didn't expect anyone to do it."
He added: "She didn't look drunk but she seemed happy." ...


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