1. Haven't a Clue

From the recording Caterwauling

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If Augustus hasn't a clue, neither do I


Jason set out for the golden fleece
He sailed away on the tide
The fleece had been sheared from a golden sheep
The sheep caught a cold then and died
Gold is the colour of daffodils
Rust is the colour of red
Jason returned with his golden fleece
I hope he feels warmer in bed

Does anyone know what I'm singing about
Cause I really don't have any clue
They sounded so clever these words what I wrote
But the meaning I leave up to you

Henry the Eighth had a trouble and strife
Who couldn't produce him a son
He dumped the old bat and he got a new wife
Who was sexy and young and more fun
Don't count your chickens until they are hatched
It is safer to not really care
How many times must a king have a shag
Before he can get him an heir


Too many cooks will spoil any broth
Too much salt spoils any stew
Too many vegetables in your wok
You'll never get out of the soup
They say many hands will make light work
Change a light bulb you'll need only one
Unless you're an abbess or charming monk
'Cause then it can be changed by nun


There once was a fellow called Julius
And Caesar was his other name
But he was no good with the gentler sex
'Cos before he had conquered he came
His friends didn't like his attitude
They wanted to give him the sack
He tried to keep close to his enemies
So close, he got stabbed in the back