1. Under a Tree

From the recording Caterwauling

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The Buddha sat under a tree beset by suffering and misery and a world that wasn't working. This is his song.


How many wars have been fought?
And how many lies have been taught?
And how many men, have gone on to kill again
On the basis of such mistaken thoughts?

Instead if we just sit under a tree
We can find a way to love and not to sin
Perhaps I'll see from under a tree
A way out of the mess that we are in

Why is everyone so insincere?
Why so little joy so many tears?
Why do we agree to live in misery?
And why are all our minds so full of fear?

If quietly we sit under a tree...

Where is the land where peace can start?
Where is the beauty in our art?
Where can we find the best of humankind
Who will show us to the love that's in our hearts

If modestly we sit under a tree...

When will the meek obtain the earth?
When will we get our second birth?
When will the good, be rewarded as they should?
And when will we all get what we deserve?

If patiently we sit under a tree...

What's the point of climbing if we fall?
What's the point of playing if we lose the ball?
What can we do if our best laid plans fall through
And what can be the meaning of it all?

If peacefully we sit under a tree..

I’m sure I’ll see from under my tree
A way out of the mess that we are in